Generator Status map

Florida Long Term Care Facility Generator Status Map

As a result of the declared state of emergency for Hurricane Dorian, facilities are required to enact their emergency plans, including bringing temporary generators onsite. The Agency has contacted all affected east coast assisted living facilities and nursing homes and verified that each has an generator onsite during the declared state of emergency or an emergency plan for evacuation.

All Florida nursing homes and assisted living facilities are required to keep residents in a safe environment in an emergency to ensure the protection of resident health, safety, welfare, and comfort. Facilities are required to have an emergency power plan in place to ensure that resident occupied area temperatures do not exceed 81 degrees. These plans can include onsite generators, delivered generators, or shifting populations to locations that can maintain comfortable temperatures. Below you will find a break down in the generator status of each facility by county. More information about the Emergency Power Rules can be found here. Information is updated daily.

The Florida generator status map.

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Information provided by The Agency for Health Care Administration